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Filter case

  • Typoszereg dostosowany do większości kanałów wentylacyjnych.
  • Konstrukcja ze stali nierdzewnej.
  • Wielokrotnego użytku, łatwe opróżnianie i wymiana złoża.

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  • Sizes of filters have been adapted to the size of ventilation ducts in catering and animal husbandry facilities.
  • All filters have the same thickness of 50 mm and should allow the addition of another cassette to create filters with greater thickness.
  • Stainless steel was used as the construction material, the mesh protecting the bed is also made of stainless steel with a mesh of 1.6x1.6 mm. In small cross-sections of the filter there is a mesh without reinforcement, in larger cross-sections it is reinforced with diagonal bars and in the largest cross-sections it is divided into smaller square fields. Mesh reinforcements are identical on both sides of the filter structure.
  • Filter designs are reusable as the media is periodically replaced. The cover on the top of the filter housing is used for this purpose. Between the cover and the housing there is a gasket made of soft rubber selected depending on the properties of the medium flowing through the filter.

An exemplary construction diagram of a filter with zeolite filling

(a) 75x75mm
(b) 150x150

  • 1- bottom housing,
  • 2- upper casing,
  • 3- seal,
  • 4- cover,
  • 5 and 6b- collar,
  • 6a and 7b,
  • 8b- grid.
  • top: components of the structure,
  • bottom: cartridge assembled.
Przykładowy schemat konstrukcyjny filtra

The construction of filters with the use of zeolite bed charging applies to a series of types of cassette filters with dimensions:

  • 75x75 mm,
  • 100x100 mm,
  • 125x125 mm,
  • 150x150 mm,
  • 175x175 mm,
  • 200x200mm,
  • 250x250 mm,
  • 400x400 mm.

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